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The idea and the characteristics of the Valoriani oven are so unique that they deserve a patent: indirect heating of the hob; radiation cooking; the fire is carried out in the lower compartment (combustion chamber), heats the refractory terracotta bricks (hob) and licks the entire roof before being called back to the front where the flue is located.


The FOUR VALORIANI can be purchased in 3 different versions:

- In Kit to assemble without Insulation Kit

- In Kit to assemble with Insulation Kit

- Already assembled and with painted metal roof


Included accessories:
- Integrated thermometer


Recommended accessories:

- Insulation kit (lower and upper) insulation kit in case the customer wishes to assemble the oven himself


Extra accessories:

- Fireplace (1mt) + hat

- Shovels set (3 pcs)